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At Tukwila Elementary, Mrs. Kodis-Fisher's 3rd-grade class embarked on an exhilarating adventure into the captivating world of animals. Over the past month, these eager learners immersed themselves in research, writing, and creative expression, resulting in an enriching and memorable animal project.

Guided by their curiosity and Mrs. Kodis-Fisher's expert guidance, students selected animals to study. With enthusiasm and dedication, they delved into the lives and habitats of their chosen creatures, gathering information and insights to shape their understanding. Their efforts culminated in detailed 8-paragraph reports, adorned with photos and personalized glossaries—a testament to their hard work and commitment to learning.

But the exploration didn't end there. In Mrs. Kodis-Fisher's class, students delved deeper into the complex relationship between humans and animals. Through thought-provoking discussions, they examined how human actions can impact animal environments, sparking conversations about conservation, habitat preservation, and environmental stewardship.

To further reinforce learning and strengthen the home-school connection, students engaged in a hands-on activity: the creation of animal dioramas. These imaginative displays brought their research to life, showcasing their understanding of animal habitats and the organisms that inhabit them.

The culmination of their efforts was celebrated at Tukwila Elementary's classroom zoo event. Families, administrators, and community members were invited to explore the diverse array of animals through captivating presentations prepared by the students themselves. It was a joyous celebration of learning, creativity, and collaboration—a testament to the hard work and dedication of Mrs. Kodis-Fisher's class.

As the project came to a close, students engaged in self-reflection, evaluating their performance and considering what they had learned. They also shared suggestions for future classes, offering insights to enhance future projects and learning experiences.

The animal project at Tukwila Elementary exemplifies the power of hands-on, inquiry-based learning to engage students, foster curiosity, and inspire creativity. It is a testament to the dedication of teachers like Mrs. Kodis-Fisher and the boundless potential of our students to explore, learn, and grow.


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