Showalter Middle School’s Coding Club attended the Washington State Middle School Computer Science Competition at Microsoft for the third year in a row on Saturday, May 13. This year, coders from Tukwila Elementary joined forces with their middle-school team to face the challenge.

Tukwila students were well prepared and stood out among the 145 total competitors. One Tukwila team won second place in the Original Project category for their Television Simulator program. Congratulations to those team members: Jennifer Tran, Jonathan Dempsey, and Francis Mendoza. Tukwila Elementary fifth-grader Kenneth Hoang also earned an Honorable Mention on the individual coding test.

Great job to all of the coders who participated! Special thanks to team coaches Maria Flack and Marcy Rice, as well as the Teaching and Learning and Technology departments for helping provide the necessary tools for the competition.

Showalter students who participated were: Argha Badon, Kevin Khu, Jason Teng, Kenneth Chau, Shamik Das, Dibaggio Ramirez Diaz, Jaydon Crawford, Sophia Curfman, Kristian Swedlund, Dylan Mahler, Isaiah Perdomo, Johnathan Dempsey, Francis Mendoza, and Jennifer Tran.

Tukwila Elementary students who participated were: Robert Peterson, Marisol Jimenz Garcia, Aubrey Chapple, Emila Parfaniuc, Alexis Sanchez Maceda, Emran Dahir, Hoakang Xu, and Kenneth Hoang.

Congratulations to Jennifer Tran, Jonathan Dempsey, and Francis Mendoza for placing second in the Original Project category.


Tuwkila Elementary’s Kenneth Hoang earned an Honorable Mention in the individual coding challenge.