Irma Guerrero-Kusmirek will be recognized as the 2017 AAA School Safety Patrol Adviser of the Year at a Mariners game on May 20.

The award caps Ms. Guerrero-Kusmirek’s 15th year year of outstanding service and dedication as Safety Patrol adviser at Tukwila Elementary. Although she officially retired in January, she still volunteers there about three days a week. She initially got involved with Safety Patrol because it was an opportunity to help students develop crucial values and life skills.

“I thought, well, I will teach them how to be responsible, how to be punctual, and and how to be committed to something really important in their lives, which is the safety of their school,” Ms. Guerrero-Kusmirek said. “The number one thing for me is to teach the kids life skills. I teach them to look at the positive side of things and to do their best in every situation in life. This is their first job, and that’s what I tell them—you are preparing for your future.”

As AAA’s School Safety Adviser of the Year, Ms. Guerrero-Kusmirek will sit in a special suite with her family and be introduced in front of the entire audience at the Mariners game on May 20.

Safety Patrol is a group of volunteer students who direct pedestrian and vehicle traffic before and after school to keep everyone safe, especially while crossing intersections. Members undergo thorough traffic-safety training and also teach fellow students about traffic safety.

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